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We are offering 5 different do-it-yourself Linkables kits available to customers seeking to decorate their own magical wonderland this holiday season. You can purchase multiple kits of six to cover larger areas, each kit includes the necessary cords and plugs. Linkables attach to the gutters or gables of most buildings. All you will need to buy in addition to this kit is the appropriate extension cords to suit your lighting design and environment. 



* Color: Warm White
* 6 Linkables in one kit
* (2) 3 foot jumper cables
* (1) 6 foot jumper cable
* (12) Spiral Gutter or Gable Clips
* Each Linkable has two warm white snowflakes

* Length of one linkable: 44 inches

* Length of 6 connected Linkables: 22 feet

* Tax is included in price


WARM WHITE Snowflake Linkables Kit of 6

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