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Water is life.

Water features have the ability to transform an area in a way that plantings and hardscapes cannot achieve.

Only water is capable of providing visual enhancement along with stimulating, yet soothing sound. Water attracts people and year-round wildlife, as well as many interesting plants that normally cannot thrive outside of an aquatic environment.

Let us include a pond with waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, or a beautiful fountain in your landscape design.


This includes the startup of the pump, cleaning of all filters & removal of as much of the leaf matter and debris as possible.

We do not recommend removing the water or pressure washing. We do not use chemicals in our ponds but we do apply organic additives to help control algae and clarify the water.

Waterfall Image.jpg


The pump will be turned off or left on depending on the characteristics of the pond. In either case we do not remove the pump from the water.

We remove as much debris as possible from the pond and move any water plants to the deeper end of the pond.



This includes filling the pond to the proper depth, checking that the pump is properly working, removing any debris in the water, cleaning out the skimmer basket, pruning & fertilizing the plants and arranging rocks to help hide the liner.

Algae control is added as needed throughout the year.

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